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#TeamRivs Shirt Refund

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your patience over the past few days concerning the "Rage On" shirt. At this time (7/25/2020) we have decided it is best to issue full refunds for this shirt. As the situation with Tommy has changed, we think it is best to simply move on and refocus so we can help raise funds and awareness about what Tommy and his family are now facing.

Refund emails will begin showing up this evening, and we intend to have all refunds issue as quickly as they can be processed.

We will be releasing a new shirt that poses none of the conflicts that existed with the previous shirt.

Our goal at For The Run is to help runners and the causes that matter to the run community. We appreciate all of the questions, comments, and support that came with the first shirt, and look forward to giving back to help Tommy and his family cover medical costs moving forward.

For the Run, Founder