We started For the Run with the mission of helping the running community by giving back to causes and individuals who may need it. Shortly after we got started we received messages asking how you could get involved. Many of those messages suggested we open up an ambassador program.

We have thought about this ever since that first message. A lot.

While we think ambassador programs for other businesses makes sense, it doesn't align with our primary mission. Since day one, we set out to be an extension of the running community and we think we've come up with the best way to do that!

Rather than picking from a list of applicants, we would rather remain an open and active part of this wonderful community with anyone who wants to join us!

So let's do this! If you are as passionate about giving back and helping others as we are join us as a For the Run Pacer!

Like race pacers, the role of being a Pacer with For the Run is to help us realize and achieve our goals. In this case, we hope you can take us to new heights so we may pursue larger objectives that without you would we would never be able to accomplish. And while you will be our Pacers, we also plan to support our team and the causes that matter to you! We have been about #runners4runners since day one, and with this program we don't plan on changing that!

Learn more about becoming a Pacer

Our inaugural Pacers will be with us for 10 months and sign-ups will open on July 1st and close on July 31st, 2021. This group will be with us from August 1st, 2021 through May 31st, 2022.

Featured charity

The featured charity for our inaugural group is the Brave Like Gabe Foundation.

How long will I be a Pacer?

Our initial Pacers will last 10 months running from August 1st, 2021 through May 31st, 2022.

Each following year Pacer status will last 12 months. Sign-ups will open every April and your Pacer status will begin that June and end in May of the following year. You may renew every year!

What Pacers mean to us

Being a Pacer with For the Run means you share our passion for helping others. It let's us know that like us, you want to have a larger role in giving back.

What we will expect


Publish at least 1 social media post each month highlighting For the Run.


Publish at least 12 posts or stories through the year of yourself in For the Run apparel.


Make others aware through posts or stories of For the Run's core mission of helping runners and the causes impacting the running community.


Be involved with your fellow Pacers and help them help others.

You're also welcome to

  • Add "For the Run Pacer" to your social media bio
  • Share any additional posts or stories promoting For the Run, the For Your Run Podcast, Runners Wings, and any other For the Run initiatives
  • Write and submit articles that will live under the For the Run Pacers blog on our website

What you will get

Pacer Apparel

In your first month you'll receive a Pacer welcome kit and through the year have access to exclusive Pacer apparel

Early Access

Before select collections come out you will get early access to them


As we develop new products, you'll have an opportunity to test them


On select collections and events you'll have access to discounts

How we will support you

We want to support you and the causes that matter to you! If there is a person in need or cause you care about we want to work with you to promote those!

Through stories, posts, and other social options we will work with you to help elevate the things you are passionate about.

Please note: Support in this fashion will be dependant on our availability and any other requests we may be working on with other Pacers to promote.