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What is the Pacers Project?

At its core, this project is about support. We don’t call it an ambassadorship because it isn’t solely about you supporting us. For the Run is a company founded on supporting others and we aim to support those who decide to support us.

How do you support Pacers?

Support has many forms. It is encouragement in the midst of rough patches and celebrating those breakthroughs. It is promoting how amazing you are to others by telling your story through social media, our website, or even being a guest on our podcast! It can also be in the form of giving back to a cause that is important to you, or in some cases designing apparel inspired by you and being able to donate a portion of our profits from those items.

Why should I become a member of the Pacers Project?

Signing up to become a Pacer means you support our efforts to support others, give back to important causes, and expand. Because we donate a large portion of our profits, we have to be more creative and calculated with our growth decisions.

What am I obligated to do?

We don't have strict regulations on engagement! Life certainly comes at us in waves and we don’t aim to add friction to yours! When you are able to promote us, tag yourself in our apparel, share why you’re a Pacer, shop with us, or sign up for one of our contributor openings when those come up, we are grateful for you making the effort to do so!

What will contributors do?

We are a small team, which means we spend most of our days playing task whack-a-mole. From time to time we may seek help in product promotion, developing marketing materials to use in upcoming launches, seeking a few voices to help us decide our next moves, or being a part of podcast episodes or live social media events. We wouldn't be surprised if a few other things may pop up along the way!

While we won’t be able to compensate our contributors for these services, we will offer incentives in the form of larger discounts, even earlier access to new items, along with a few other options! These benefits will exist for the duration of your time as a contributor.

  • What Are We Looking For?

    Being a Pacer with For the Run means you share our passion for helping others. It let's us know that like us, you want to have a larger role in giving back.

  • When Can I Become a Pacer?

    Pacers run with us for 12 months from June 1 through May 31. Applications will open every April.

  • How Much Does It Cost to be a Pacer?

    It costs $50 to be a Pacer. 25% of the profits from each entry are donated to our featured charity for that year.

  • Featured charity

    Our current featured charity is the Brave Like Gabe Foundation.

    Our upcoming featured charity will be Girls on the Run

  • Contribute

    Through the year we will post various contributor initiatives that Pacers can opt to participate in. Contributors will receive added discounts while they are a contributor, be featured in our marketing, and we will donate at least $20 to a charity of their choosing.

  • Share

    Make those around you aware of what For the Run has going on by posting to Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok through the year of yourself in For the Run apparel, or about new collections, new apparel, and sales.

  • Promote

    Help spread the word through Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok of For the Run's core mission of helping runners and the causes we are giving back to.

  • Encourage

    Be involved with your fellow Pacers and the running community! Be a positive light for others, support those who are chasing big goals or working through tough times.

  • Apparel

    In your first month you'll receive a Pacer welcome kit and through the year have access to exclusive Pacer apparel

  • Early Access

    Before select collections come out you will get early access to them

  • Exclusives

    As we develop new products, you'll have an opportunity to test them

  • Discounts

    On select collections and events you'll have access to discounts

How We Will Support You

We want to support you and the causes that matter to you! If there is a person in need or cause you care about we want to work with you to promote those!

Through stories, posts, and other social options we will work with you to help elevate the things you are passionate about.

Please note: Support in this fashion will be dependent on our availability and any other requests we may be working on with other Pacers to promote.