Sign-ups are now closed for year three

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The Pacers Project is our annual membership that runs from June through May.

This project is designed to amplify your relationship with For the Run as we continue to expand our community, celebrate all runners and give back to important causes.

Your membership will provide you with exclusive deals, limited offerings, early release access, and unique community opportunities ranging from virtual challenges to in person meetups at select events throughout the year.

  • Openings to the Pacers Project will be limited.
  • Sign-ups for year four will open April 1, 2024!


2023 Pacers Benefits


  • $50+ - A rad welcome kit valued at over $50
  • 500 Laps - $5 of For the Run Rewards
  • 10% - Get a 10% discount on all orders
  • 24 - At least 24 hours early access to new drops


  • Access - Signing up gives you access to our Google Spaces community chat where all updates will be shared, along with the Pacers Project Instagram account, including updates via our Close Friends list

  • Updates - You will know what we are doing, what's coming, and any other information we have before anyone else

  • Opportunities - The opportunity to pick up any limited apparel drops that will not be restocked - First come, first serve


  • Engagement - Our Pacers Project Google Spaces and Instagram account are specifically for us all to engage with and support one another

  • Activities, Challenges, & Missions - Opportunities to engage in community activities, participate in challenges, and support and celebrate individuals or causes through missions. - At least 1 each month

  • Meetups - Be the first to know where For the Run is headed. We currently have a few planned meetups for 2023 which include the Chicago Marathon (October), Marine Corp Marathon (October), and New York Marathon (November)
For the Run Pacers Project Logo stacked in different sizes with a silhouette of runners

Interested in joining us?

2023 Membership Costs

Joining the Pacers Project costs $75.

Sign-ups for year three are closed!

Your sign-up includes everything listed above and helps us give back.

10% of our profits from your sign up will be donated to Brave Like Gabe.

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