Giving Back

We will keep this page updated with where, when and how much we give. If you are running for charity or have a cause that means something to you, feel free to reach out and let us know!


  • $200 Profits from Launch Week went to Brave Like Gabe
  • $50 Runners fundraising efforts for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • $75 Runners fundraising efforts for Jack's Foundation
  • $44 Runners fundraising efforts for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • $300 50% of Profits from the "Your Inner Voice" Collection donated to Still I Run
  • $25 Profits from 3 day sale to Boston 1 Step (COVID19 funds for the Boston Medical Center)
  • 500 Meals Donated to No Kid Hungry from the Trackstreet Assemble Ultra Yeti Challenge shirt profits (5/1/2020)
  • $125 50% of Profits from the "#SIRunstreak" shirts and tanks donated to Still I Run (6/3/2020)
  • 10,500 Meals Donated to No Kid Hungry from the Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run and shirt profits (6/3/2020)
  • $205 50% of Profits from the "Run For Rights" shirt donated to Campaign Zero (6/15/2020)
  • $125 50% of Profits from the "The Present is Female Runners" collection donated to Brave Like Gabe (7/27/2020)
  • $6000 100% of Profits from the "Rise & Rage" shirt donated to Tommy Rivers Rest Up (8/3/2020)
  • $1700 100% of Profits from a limited second run of our "Rise & Rage" shirt donated to Tommy Rivers Rest Up (9/1/2020)
  • $2700 100% of Profits from a limited final run of our "Rise & Rage" shirt, a limited run of our "Que No Te Mueras" shirt, and a limited run of "Rise & Rage" and "Que No Te Mueras" stickers donated to Tommy Rivers Rest Up (9/22/2020)
  • $750 50% of Profits from "I Ran A Race" 2020 donated to the Still I Run, Starting Line Scholarship (12/1/2020)

Total we've given back to date: $13,399.00


    • Free Race Entry Paid for a runners race entry of up to $150
    • Giveaways We have given away over $150 of apparel to runners
    • Virtual Run Entries Gave away 4 Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run entries and shirts
    • Giveaway "Rise & Rage" - Gave away 1 Rise & Rage shirt of each size from x-small to xx-large - 6 shirts in total
    • Run Love Initiative Go Guarded Safety Rings
    • Run Love Initiative Koala Clip phone holder
    • Giveaway I Ran A Race free entry
    • Paid It Forward I Ran A Race 5 paid entries
    • Run Love Initiative Noxgear Tracer360