The goal of the Appalachia Runners Project

The goal of the Appalachia Runners Project

In all we do at For the Run, the goal is to help the running community. We have grown up in Appalachia and know the value of the the Appalachian Trail along with the vast network of rail trails, and the amazing conservancies within Appalachia that work to keep national parks, state parks, and other parks active and available for those who want to bike, walk, hike, or run on them.

Phase one goal

To start we aim to donate to and support the Appalachian Trail conservancy along with other conservancies in the Appalachia network. This will help those groups continue to keep those trails and areas kept up and remain available to anyone who uses them.

Goals beyond phase one

If we can establish strong roots with this project we aspire to expand conversations and have discussions around other levels of support these conservancies can offer. Most importantly, safety for all those who use the trails.

Runners safety is something we are think a great deal about. There is no easy fix on a grand scale, but we believe the Appalachia network of trails is a realistic scope of focus.

Specific on how we will give back

If you are someone who lives within the Appalachia region, someone who frequents this area or you simply want to help, you are welcome to support this cause!

Our initial focus will be on phase one support. 25% of all profits from our Appalachia Runners Program goods will be donated to the core Appalachian Trail Conservancy and other conservancies within this region.

Growth of this project will allow us to expand conversations to explore how conservancies and other state and local efforts can provide greater safety and support for those using their trails.


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