Addressing Mental Health with Tums Out and Hats On

Addressing Mental Health with Tums Out and Hats On

At For the Run, the power of community and the joy of giving back are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to create high-quality running gear that enhances the lives of runners while making a meaningful impact through our charitable efforts. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Alex Hermanson on a special project.


Suns Out, Tums Out: A Hat with Heart

As the temps started to turn up Alex kept popping up in our social feeds, shirt off, accompanied by the line "Suns Out, Tums Out". As the weeks went by we started seeing more people doing the same which got us thinking: damn, wouldn't this be rad on a hat? After chatting with Alex, we were totally on the same page about spreading positivity and supporting a great cause. With his enthusiasm fueling our creativity, we got to work—sketching, designing, and choosing the perfect colorway.

Preview of the Suns Out Tums Out hat

Conveniently everything clicked into place just ahead of Global Running Day and we couldn't have imagined a better time to share our creation with the running world.

Celebrating Confidence and Self-Love

What we love about "Suns Out, Tums Out" is that it isn’t just about shedding shirts; it’s about shedding doubts. This message is a bold embrace of body positivity and self-acceptance, encouraging runners to feel proud in their own skin. For many, going shirtless isn’t just a physical statement—it’s a powerful act of self-confidence and joy. It's the opportunity to turn a simple run into a celebration of personal strength and acceptance.

Supporting Mental Health: Minding Your Mind

From the beginning of this process we felt it was important that whatever cause we give back to be up to Alex. We’re proud to support Minding Your Mind, an organization dedicated to mental health education and awareness. Their work resonates deeply with us at For the Run, as we know that mental well-being is just as crucial as physical fitness for every runner. Through our "Suns Out, Tums Out" campaign, we were thrilled to donate $1115 from the sales of over 200 hats to help Minding Your Mind continue their impactful programs.

A Heartfelt Thank You

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our community and the inspiration we drew from Alex. Your enthusiasm, purchases, and shares made a real difference, and we’re beyond grateful for each and every one of you. Together, we’ve proven that small acts of kindness and generosity can create significant ripples of change.

Looking Forward

Our focus at For the Run is in finding new ways to give back, support our community, and champion causes that matter. Stay tuned for more initiatives, products, and opportunities to join us in making a positive impact.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we’re running towards a brighter, more connected world—one step, one hat, and one donation at a time.

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Also find Alex on his Instagram, TikTok, and Threads accounts.

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