Uniting for a Cause: Feeding Kids During COVID-19

Uniting for a Cause: Feeding Kids During COVID-19

At For the Run, we love the power of the running community and the difference we can make together. When COVID-19 hit, many members of the running community were sharing their concerns that many kids were missing out on their regular meals because schools were closed. With finances tight and so much uncertainty, we wanted to step up and do something meaningful.

Creating Impact with Trackstreet Run Crew

The Trackstreet Run Crew, is a passionate group of runners that we became close with as we got back into running. It was a privilege to create a special line of shirts for a virtual run with them. The idea was simple but powerful: bring runners together in a shared experience and use the proceeds from the shirt sales to provide meals for children in need. Every shirt sold contributed directly to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending child hunger in America.

Making a Tangible Difference

Thanks to your incredible support, we were able to donate 10,500 meals to No Kid Hungry. This achievement wasn't just about numbers; it was about real kids getting the meals they needed during a time of great uncertainty. Your purchases provided a sense of security and hope for many families.

Addressing Urgent Needs

COVID-19 brought so many challenges, especially for families already struggling to make ends meet. With schools closed, many children lost access to the meals they relied on every day. By giving back to No Kid Hungry, we aimed to fill this gap and make sure kids were still getting those meals. Your support helped provide those during a critical time, making a real difference in the lives of countless children.

Building Connections Through Virtual Runs

The virtual run wasn't just about raising funds; it was also about bringing the running community together when we needed it most. With social distancing and lockdowns, many of us felt isolated. This virtual run gave us a chance to connect, share our love for running, and support a great cause. It was amazing to see so many runners come together, not just for their own health and well-being, but to help others as well.

Our Gratitude

We couldn’t have done this without the amazing Trackstreet Run Crew and everyone else who joined us for this virtual run. Your purchases made a real impact. We are so grateful for your support and commitment to making a positive change.

Always Forward

The success of this initiative inspired us to keep finding ways to make a difference in our community and beyond. We are constantly inspired by how runners support others.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Here’s to many more miles of running, giving back, and making a difference.


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