Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run

Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run

June 3rd is Global Running Day, not to be confused with the Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run! Celebrate the day and pick your distance!


  • 2.020 miles
  • 20:20 minutes
  • 20.20 km
  • 20.20 miles

The Virtual Run is $10, or you can run and pick up a shirt for $35!

-- Shirts will ship roughly 2 weeks after the event.

Your choice, your "Trackstreet". Get out and celebrate Global Running Day with us!

Tag @trackstreet.runners or use the hashtag #trackstreet2020 to let us know you've knocked your miles out!

Happy running!

---- Updated 6/5/2020 ----

The Trackstreet 2020 Virtual Run took place on June 3rd, and we were able to donate 10,500 meals to No Kid Hungry.

Learn more about how we have given back.

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