What our Pacers mean to us

In 2019 we launched For the Run with a single goal of helping others by making shirts and giving back. Then this community gave back to us in ways we never expected. By the end of the first year we realized we didn't need to do this alone. This could be a community running company.

When we first introduced Pacers in 2021, it was about expanding our team. The goal was to bring in runners like us who want to help give back, who want to not just represent us, but help us make decisions about how we grow.

Our Pacers are constantly uplifting others, going the extra mile, and reminding us to keep putting in the work.

Through our second year of this project, they have helped us give back over $5000 to important causes and individuals. Our Pacers told us what our next steps should be, which have led us to take the first steps to creating our own apparel.

Because of this project, we are not just designing graphics, we are designing clothing. Because of this project we aren't in this alone, we have a family. Because of this project, we are helping others in ways we always hoped we could.

We love this group and how it supports us.

Their belief in us reminds us that we can do hard things.

They keep reminding us to take the next step.

They are our Pacers. 


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