• Pacers Membership

    Gain a year of access to resilient, fashionable apparel through our membership, all while enjoying significant savings that empower you to focus on what truly matters—your experiences in running.

    • Membership begins June 1
    • Sign-Ups Close May 31st
  • 15% Off

    Pacers enjoy 15% off every order.

    You'll get a discount code when your year of benefits begins.

  • Up Your Fitness

    Get 15% off Kim Miller Fitness - Strength Programs

    You'll get a discount code when your year of benefits begins.

  • Towel Off

    Get 20% off FaceSoft Towels

    You'll get a discount code when your yer of benefits begins

  • Not An Ambassadorship

    We're about inclusivity, not exclusivity.

    We believe in developing products that anyone can afford and building a community that provides opportunities for everyone.

    If you're an ambassador for other companies, that is rad! We don't look down on ambassadorships, we just don't see that ever be a part of what we're building.

  • Laps Made Easier

    $15 in Laps Rewards to kick off your membership

    + Plenty of member only engagement opportunities to earn rewards in big ways

  • IG Close Friends

    Get behind the scenes access about what we're doing, what's coming

    + Member only limited sales

  • Member Only Events

    Enjoy community events that are focused around community and can lead to extra savings and free items.

  • Help Us Help Others

    Giving back to Still I Run

    $5 of Every sign-up for the Pacers Membership will be donated to Still I Run, a non-profit that promotes the benefits of running for your mental health