Runners 4 Runners

That hashtag is where this all started. Runners support each other, motivate each other, and prove to their bodies and their minds that they can do more. For the Run is an extension of these things. We aim to provide runners with wonderful products and in turn take at least 10% of what we make (profits) and give back.

The profits will help us give to those whose races are taking them on new adventures. It will let us donate to causes which remind us why we run, and motivate us to do more to help those both near and far.

This community both humbles and inspires. It reminds us that we are both fragile and unbreakable. We lift one another up and find joy in others triumphs. We are runners.

At For the Run, we want to help where help is needed. We want to take the joy and love that this community generates and amplify it.

  • Train for your run.
  • Be ready for your run.
  • Remember why you run.
  • Love every step.

We are For the Run. We are for your run. We were all built for this. Let’s keep going.

For the Run

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