Run Club Branding and Marketing

Let's be honest, running clubs or crews... or whatever you call yours... they are awesome! The ability to get together and log those miles with friends is a rad experience.

You wanna know what adds to that radness? A totally bad ass brand for you to rock to let everyone know who your crew is! That is where we want to help!

Design has been in our DNA since we were old enough to hold a crayon! We love making cool shit and want to offer it up to your group! The awesome thing is once we've made your brand, we also happen to know some people who can make the gear you'll want to rock with that fancy ass branding... (Psst... it's us!)

You in?

Disclaimer: We are not a dedicated print shop for established brands

How do we begin?

Every brand is different. We want to get to know what sets yours apart from others! The initial phase of this process is all about getting to know you and what your club, crew, or group is all about!

For us the key to a working relationship is fit! To get started we will have a little meet and greet to chat in some kind of virtual space to see if we are a match! Do you like us and vice versa!

Once we've gotten that bit out of the way, we will begin discussing your groups name, its relevance, inspirations about your area or any other ideas you have, and then get to work on creating something amazing for your groups branding!

Let's talk about those costs

Sometimes a design can hit within five minutes and others times it might take weeks! Don't worry though, we don't charge based on time! But we hope you can understand it could take some!

Let's break it down!

  • $100 - Just the brand: This is one super high quality designed logo for you to use as you'd like.
  • $150-200 - Help us share it: The designed branding with added versions for different mediums. Examples could be the logo for a website, social media, print marketing, and needing full color or black and white. This cost can vary based on just how many you might need!

Want to make this a relationship? Let's talk ongoing costs!

  • $25 - A bit of help: 2 designed elements using your brand - This could be social media posts or items for print like postcards or business cards!
  • $100 - You have an event: We will work with you to make promotional materials like social posts and print materials for the event, including some added branding for the event itself!

What else can we do for you?

We also are available to design and produce:

  • Shirts (2-3 week production time)
  • Tanks (2-3 week production time)
  • Long sleeves (2-3 week production time)
  • Caps (Minimum of 50 with a 6-9 week production time)
  • Stickers (Minimum of 20 with a 2-3 week production time)

Costs for all of these items will vary. We are also offer the option to donate up to 25% of our profits to a charity of your choice! We will retain all other profits to compensate for use of materials, production of artwork, and time used to produce items.